Top CD Rates are from Old Harbor Financial. The Best CD Rates are from Old Harbor Financial. We find Highest CD Rates. 1 year CD Rate 3.05%. 5 year CD Rate 3.20%. Money Market Rate 1.40%

Brokering top rate CD’s and checking accounts for America’s premier banks.

Top Rated CD’S

Providing the highest rates is our primary function, by leveraging our relationships with premier banks we find you rates you would not get on your own. Let us search for your next CD.
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Charting your Future

At Old Harbor Financial we specialize in helping you clearly define your financial goals and assist you in charting the right path to achieve it.
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Safety and Peace of Mind

We recognize a strong need for stability in your overall financial future and we are proud of the fact that none of our clients have lost a single penny working with us.
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