Safety & Peace of Mind

Old Harbor Financial fully understands the need for safety and government protection on your hard earned investments. That is why we use a rigorous process of vetting the institutions that we broker for. The Office of Comptroller of the Currency has been complying with the Financial Institution Reform Act and reporting to the public the performance levels of banks. This public information can be used to “perform more sophisticated quantitative analyses of banks’ records” according to the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Ben Bernanke.

Old Harbor Financial reviews the government reports and will only recommend accounts with institutions who have a CRA rating of “High Satisfactory” additionally they must have a Texas ratio under 50% plus adequate capitalization which generally we look for 7% or higher. Because safety is our top priority we only locate from banks who are members of FDIC, Credit unions whose share certificates are insured by NCUA, or insurance companies who use statutory accounting principles and are not offered through a fraternal organization.